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Shopping and Champagne

Two of my favorite things – shopping and champagne anchored my latest workation in Baltimore. There’s just something very special about spending the day with great girlfriends drinking fine champagne and discovering treasures. And that’s all I’ve got to say … Continue reading

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Girlfriend Travel Has Grown Up

It never really ceases to amaze me that there are women out there in this crazy big world who have never been on a girlfriend getaway. Sadder yet, many of them have never even had a girls night out. I … Continue reading

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Up Up And Away – To Taos

As I stated before, for me there are 4 phases to all travel. And I’m in one of my favorite phases right now – Phase 2 – the planning. Every year I take a girlfriend get away with a group … Continue reading

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Life on Negril Beach

The Gate House Villa – our own private house on the beach. With our favorite beach bar right outside our door. The ocean breeze blowing though the front window and door that enters our bedroom. Traveling along the path of … Continue reading

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In Terms of Travel

I was having a great conversation with a friend the other day about travel. We found that we have the same idea about what constitutes a “vacation”. The conversation got me thinking about my definitions of the many types of … Continue reading

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Asheville Indugences

I’m in Phase 4 this morning. Relaxing and reflecting on three days spent in Asheville, NC with my great girlfriends. If the 8 empty bottles of champagne are any indication – and they are, we had a really good weekend. … Continue reading

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Key West, FL

Nightlife – or day life is one thing that you will never have look far for in Key West. From noon on you can always find a happening spot. Key West is about the party so bring your big girl shoes ’cause you’ll need ’em. Continue reading

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Sedona, AZ

Favorite Girlfriend Getaways You and I both know this list could go on forever. And it’s not usually about the location but rather the company. So, assuming the company you keep is fabulous – I’ll share some of my favorite … Continue reading

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Rain or Shine or Oil Spill

In three weeks I’ll be going on an annual “girls weekend” with a group of fabulous ladies. We’ve been doing this trip every year for the past seven years. This year we’re renting a beautiful beach house in Destin, Florida. Continue reading

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