Sedona, AZ

Favorite Girlfriend Getaways

You and I both know this list could go on forever. And it’s not usually about the location but rather the company. So, assuming the company you keep is fabulous – I’ll share some of my favorite spots to run away to with my girlfriends –

Sedona, AZ

Comfy Outdoor Seating to Spend the Day

What makes Sedona a top pick? It’s perfect for just about any type of trip. Whether your group is adventure seekers, shoppers, spa junkies, or poolside loungers – it’s all in Sedona.

I’m a huge fan of private home rentals for a girlfriends getaway or any vacation for that matter. In Sedona finding a beautiful rental that’s right for your group is part of the adventure. We rented this incredible five bedroom home for less than the cost of hotel rooms for the group and we each had our own beautiful room. It was like having our very own private resort.

What made Sedona a great girlfriend destination?

  • Great girlfriends of course
  • Lounging and laughing poolside at our private oasis
  • Making and eating killer guacamole
  • A great local bar hangout
  • Hiking the Airport Mesa vortex trail
  • Shopping
  • Hiring a private masseuse to come to the house-who needs a spa when you’re living at one?

Budget Scale:

4 – Expect to pay about $150/night per person plus travel depending upon where you travel from and how many girls in your party. Time of year will also impact the lodging expense. At the time that we booked the owner rented on a partial week basis. This is always worth asking for, even if their listing shows weekly or monthly rentals only. This budget assumes you cook the majority of your meals at the house and enjoy most of your drinking at home. If you’re planning to go out each night you might add on accordingly. But to be honest, Sedona is not the hub of night life, so your party might be best kept at home anyway. You can save a $100/day depending on your drinking habits. For us – more than that! We like the good bubbles!

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Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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