Rain or Shine or Oil Spill

Do you have those friends in your life that can make you laugh, make you smile and make your heart sing – no matter what? I do.

In  three weeks I’ll be going on an annual “girls weekend” with a group of fabulous ladies. We’ve been doing this trip every year for the past seven years. We’re a core group of four and from time to time we invite others – that are worthy – to join us. Our core group joins up from Minneapolis and Phoenix each year. But regular attendees come from South Caroline and Santa Cruz. It’s a diverse and wonderful group. This year we’re renting a beautiful beach house in Destin, Florida.

Up North in Wisconsin

The activities of a girls weekend always depend upon the location we’ve carefully chosen for that year. If it’s a city destination, say New York or Boston, then we have a significant amount of sightseeing and desired “to dos”. But a beach vacation is completely different. The beach trip is about relaxation, sun, laughter, great food and lots of bubbly.

This year the agenda has one item on it – massages. Our first morning at the house we have booked three masseuse to come in and set up on the porch by the pool. Can you think of any better way to start the day? A mimosa, poolside massage, and great friends.

Now, just one little issue we need to work around – the giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While a very sad and unfortunate thing, and devastating to many, we will not allow it to dampen our precious time together. I’m grateful we had the foresight to rent a house with a pool. That’s serendipity. We’ll make the very best of whatever comes our way! Even if we were to be trapped in the house all weekend, we’d have a blast – rain, shine or oil spill.

Full reports from the road to come. But first, I’m heading to San Fransisco for a little Workation. I get to see my girl Jen and have a new adventure.

About Sheri Bennefeld

Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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