Up Up And Away – To Taos

As I stated before, for me there are 4 phases to all travel. And I’m in one of my favorite phases right now – Phase 2 – the planning.

Every year I take a girlfriend get away with a group of great women. This year we have chosen Taos, NM as our destination. We have been through phase 1 – the decision. Making the decision of where to go, when to go and who can go is always a fun first step.

Now that we have the basics locked down including a great house to call home for three days, it’s on to phase 2 – the planning! I love the planning phase because this is where we get to start thinking about all the adventures that await us and all the possibilities.

Our trip is in mid-June so we have plenty of time to plan and the ideas and research are in full gear. Hot air ballooning is definitely high on the list. Having experienced this adventure before I will be the very first to say, it is an absolute must. I know a lot of you are thinking – no way, I’m afraid of heights and to that I say – face your fear! Hot air ballooning is one of the most beautiful peaceful experiences you will ever have. It’s a very different feeling and the best way I can describe it is a feeling of well, floating. You don’t feel as if you are rising up, you feel as if the ground is just moving away from you. We have a couple of people in the group who are nervous and afraid of heights, but they are also adventurers and they are ready to face the fear.

There is something very powerful and life affirming about facing a fear and coming out on the other side of it. Facing our fears gives us confidence and the inspiration to take on other challenges. We owe it to ourselves to live life to the fullest. So, the next chance you get – hop in a balloon. You can thank me later.

One of the best things about a girlfriend getaway is just simply spending time with the girls. Laughing. Telling stories. Drinking champagne. Undoubtedly, our agenda will accommodate plenty of time for that. In fact, we chose our rental house with these activities in mind. Our requirements included a hot tub, outdoor lounging space, a nice kitchen for cooking together and walking distance to some place fun to hang out and enjoy the local flavor – or in this case – margaritas.

The next step in phase 2 is to set intentions for the trip. This is easy with this group and the basics are always the same, to catch up, laugh a lot, and just spend time enjoying each others company. Beyond that we will each have to set our own intentions. For me, that time will come as we near our travel date. From my girlfriends I need different things at different points in time. And the same is true for them, so we are all there to support and to provide for each other what we need at that time.

One thing is always true though – we all need our girlfriends. I’m blessed to know that I don’t have to wait for our once a year outing to tap into the strength we all get from each other. It’s there everyday. We just need to reach out. And sometimes, we don’t even have to ask – they just know.

About Sheri Bennefeld

Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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2 Responses to Up Up And Away – To Taos

  1. lifeofdeb says:

    Taos is so beautiful and there are a lot of fun art galleries to check out. Have fun!

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