How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Hi, I’m Sheri and this blog is all about my adventures and insights. I am fortunate to be able to utilize my career as a means for living my passions – travel and friends. What I’ve learned over the years is that travel, whether for work or for play goes much deeper than just the itinerary. When we travel we gain new experiences and new perspectives on life. Travel can be a metaphor for life. The reality is we are traveling through this life on this planet and we are on one big adventure. When we begin to realize this and treat our lives as if it were a trip we are planning, we begin to pay closer attention to our choices and to the way we show up.

I am Life Coach and Speaking Coach. All my life I have felt a calling to help other people sort out their life, to make the most of their gifts and to find bliss. My intention is to help you find fuller meaning in all the adventures in your life. And to make a conscious decision to make everyday an adventure. I help bring passionate voices to the world so they may create change and bring peace to the planet we share.

You will also find me at www.waybeyondordinary.com where authentic voices unite.

Thank you for joining me as we take it Beyond the Beach.


7 Responses to About

  1. Janet DeVito says:

    Love your post on the 4 Phases of Adventure! I couldn’t agree with you more! Glad to host you as a guest blogger on my blog and websites! And have a great time in Taos!
    Janet DeVito

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  3. Hi Sheri,
    What a wonderful focus for life! Traveling and gaining perspective as we move along:)

  4. Kari Hazzard says:

    So cool that you are using your experiences with your job to focus on your adventures. Your website captures your joyful energy. I can see how Life Coaching is so much a part of how you will help the world! Glad to be on the journey together!

  5. Thanks Kari,
    It’s a great and sometimes scary ride – definitely an adventure and isn’t that what life is all about – adventure?

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