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It’s The Little Things

I’m traveling this week on Workation. One of the great joys in my life is being able to explore new places and enjoy the change or scenery. This weeks adventure takes place in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Play Like A Dog

I have spent the past seven days in a beautiful house on the shores of South Carolina. There are many many joys associated with such an adventure and one of my favorites is watching the dogs play on the beach.  … Continue reading

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Girlfriend Travel Has Grown Up

It never really ceases to amaze me that there are women out there in this crazy big world who have never been on a girlfriend getaway. Sadder yet, many of them have never even had a girls night out. I … Continue reading

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Maps Apps and Other Cool Stuff

I got to thinking early this morning as I lay in bed – how is web 2.0 going to affect Rand McNally? I know, you’re thinking, that’s what she wakes up thinking about at 6:00am on a Sunday morning? Yes, … Continue reading

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NYC Workation Anticipation

Just three days until workation in the Big Apple! For me workations are like the reward for a lot of really hard work. Don’t get me wrong, there IS work in the workation, but there is also a lot of … Continue reading

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Up Up And Away – To Taos

As I stated before, for me there are 4 phases to all travel. And I’m in one of my favorite phases right now – Phase 2 – the planning. Every year I take a girlfriend get away with a group … Continue reading

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From San Jose to NY and Beyond

2011 is going to be a great year! Can you feel it? I do, there is momentum in the air and a general feeling of optimism and new possibility, it’s very exciting.   As a girl who loves to travel … Continue reading

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Scenes from Christmas Eve in Negril

It’s always hard to remember that it’s Christmas when you’re traveling, especially for me, a girl from the great white north. Here are a few scenes of Christmas Eve Day on Negril Beach. Merry Christmas to all and may there … Continue reading

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Life on Negril Beach

The Gate House Villa – our own private house on the beach. With our favorite beach bar right outside our door. The ocean breeze blowing though the front window and door that enters our bedroom. Traveling along the path of … Continue reading

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In Terms of Travel

I was having a great conversation with a friend the other day about travel. We found that we have the same idea about what constitutes a “vacation”. The conversation got me thinking about my definitions of the many types of … Continue reading

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