Have You Had Your Bliss Today?

Do you even know what bliss feels like for you?

For me, bliss is like a warm and bubbly sensation that just washes over me. It comes on quickly, it makes me smile and it allows me to breathe.

When in bliss I have soft eyes that see with greater periphery, I have soft ears that hear within and without. Bliss brings awareness. Bliss brings understanding, bliss brings contentment and bliss brings joy.

Sometimes bliss is very fleeting, sometimes bliss will linger, it rarely comes with warning and when it’s gone I’m left with a feeling of gratitude and wonder. Bliss can not be forced, it just appears. It comes from peacefulness and “rightness”. When I feel bliss, I know that I am in the right place and doing the right thing.

Just one 10 second dose of bliss can energize me all day. I feel blessed, that I can find my bliss nearly everyday. I have no magic formula for finding bliss and that road to bliss might be different for everyone – I have no idea, but here are some of the things that bring about bliss for me.

Pay attention/and don’t – Pay attention to the beauty around you. There are amazing things happening everywhere, right under your nose. Right now I’m watching a Gold Finch in the pine tree outside my window. Its tiny bright yellow body against the deep green pine pop with a brilliance of a big glass bulb on a Christmas tree. Watching and listening to it brings a smile to my face.

To see these amazing and beautiful things we need to slow down a bit and pay attention. It’s easy to let our attention be sucked in by the negative. The negative messages are so loud and so plenty that it’s nearly impossible to avoid them.

Here’s a challenge, see if you can go an entire day without encountering a negative message. I guarantee you, you’ll need to leave the television off, you’ll need to be very selective about the people you spend your time with and hardest of all, you’ll need to monitor your own thoughts. The human brain processes 60,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of them are negative. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself and how you’re treating yourself. Are you sabotaging your own bliss with negativity and self-destruction?

Find the good – when you’re paying attention you can choose what you see and experience. Even in a situation that seems negative you can look for and find the good – if you choose to look for it. Often times I find my bliss at the most unlikely times, like driving in rush hour traffic, or sitting in a boring meeting, or standing in a long line at the airport. These are the times when I appreciate bliss most, when it comes out of no where.

For me, bliss is like a shot of adrenaline and a sedative all in one. It brings about joy and contentment and it provides energy.

What brings you bliss? Where do you find it and how does it show up in your life? Have you had your bliss today?


About Sheri Bennefeld

Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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One Response to Have You Had Your Bliss Today?

  1. eof737 says:

    Those stats are quite amazing…. all that negativity is killing our planet.
    Anyway, thanks for the reminder to embrace our bliss… I’m all in. 🙂

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