NYC Workation Anticipation

Just three days until workation in the Big Apple! For me workations are like the reward for a lot of really hard work. Don’t get me wrong, there IS work in the workation, but there is also a lot of fun.

Next week we host a large annual meeting of our membership. As the training and events manager I’m responsible for the program, the content and ultimately the satisfaction of the attendees. So, actually getting to the event and getting it underway is when the relief begins – and the fun.

An added bonus is that so many of the people who I work for and host this event for are also my friends. I get to spend time with my friends from all over the country. We laugh, learn and truly enjoy the time we spend together. Some of my best friends are in my life because of my work. This is just one of the reasons workations are highlights in my life.

During workations I get to help others achieve their life dreams and goals. Having meaningful work is what makes all the effort worthwhile. Next week I get to play a role in helping 200 business leaders find new energy, insights and skills for bringing their business and their lives to new levels. The beautiful thing is, the impact of what we do will not stop there in NY but will have lasting and real impact on the families and employees of those attending. And ultimately will impact the lives of everyone they touch. I’m grateful for this meaningful work.

As for the vacation part of the workation, it’s important to set an intention for fun and adventure with your work travel. As I talked about in In Terms Of Travel, too many people who travel for business fail to make the most of the opportunity.

So far I have planned a harbor cruise around lower Manhattan, a stop at one of my favorite watering holes, Nancy’s Whiskey Pub, dinner in Little Italy and a champagne gathering with my Grateful Group – a group of friends from around the country who share each day their gratitude via email.

Next on my planning list is to find a new adventure. Each time I go to NY I try to do something I’ve never done. This trip I’ll have limited time, so it may just be a new restaurant or checking out a new neighborhood. Who knows, but I’ll keep you posted as it happens! I’ll keep myself open to the options.

About Sheri Bennefeld

Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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