ASTD Techknowledge – Learning and Sun

Yesterday was the first full day of the ASTD Techknowledge conference in San Jose. Already my brain in on overload. Partially because of all that I learned, but mainly because of what I learned.

The opening session featured Kara Swisher of “All Things Digital“. She talked about trends in technology and what’s next. It’s very exciting and a little Trekkie. Here are just a few bites from what she shared.

The desk top PC is as good as dead. She actually seemed a little perplexed when someone asked about desk tops – like she didn’t know they still existed.

Top 5 issues we need to understand:

  1. Social -it’s instant, everyone produces content, when you produce and consume the content you care more.
  2. Mobile – it’s web 3.0
  3. Geolocation – when google knows where you are, what you’re looking for and where you go from there, they can begin to predict your actions and create a dynamic web experience just for you – it’s a little creepy.
  4. Open/cloud – our browser becomes our operating system. (BTW – Google is in beta with a Chrome OS)
  5. Ubiquitous – multi-touch – everything will have a touch screen and they will appear out of no where.

Oh, and I also learned about Google Goggles – it’s visual search. Say you have a great bottle of wine while dining out and you want to purchase it. You can take a picture of the bottle through google goggles and it will search for the product and tell you where to locate and buy it and likely you can buy it right then and there. How slick.

Gotta go learn some more really cool stuff now.

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Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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