Loading Up My Kindle and Heading For The Beach

I should be a walking talking commercial for Kindle – oh wait, I am.

In the past twelve months since I’ve had my Kindle I’ve read over 50 books, when typically I read about 6 – 10 books a year. I can’t tell you exactly why but here may be a few things that have contributed to my increased reading…

1. Anytime anywhere (mostly) you can get a new book. Last winter I was on a beach in Mexico and finished my book. Typically this would have meant that I’d have to start bugging Tony as he napped in the sun. But instead, I simply went to the Kindle store and two minutes later I was blissfully buried in my next adventure.

2. The store makes finding books easy. You don’t have to go to the book store and spend a hour browsing thousands of crazy titles to figure out what you want to read. Categorization makes it simple to zone in on just what you want. You can read descriptions and even download samples it you want to test drive it first.

3. It’s one handed! See #1. Reading on a kindle doesn’t require two hands so when reading on the beach you don’t have to set your drink in the sand. You can enjoy your book and sip your Sangria at the same time.

4. It’s easy to highlight passages and make notes in your books. No dragging a highlighter with you or flipping through pages to find the passage you wanted to remember. All your notes and highlights are neatly organized in one spot.

5. Green! What is it with us humans?  We treat books like trophies. Book shelves piled high with books we read once twenty years ago. I’m not a saver of books and rarely ever read twice, but if I do want to read it again – it’s still on my Kindle. Added bonus, no dusting books shelves piled up with old books.

6. No one knows what you’re reading. Come on let’s face it – sometimes you just want to dive into a trashy novel and you don’t want your neighbor on the plane to think you’re…well, you know.

7. Cheaper than printed books. For the most part about half the price of a print version. And often times much less. In fact they even offer freebees sometimes.

8. Suggestions. Kindle store offers suggestions of titles you might like based on your past purchases. You have to love that Amazon technology even if it is a little freaky what they know about you.

9. Easier than dragging 2 or 3 books with you on vacation. Save weight and room in your luggage for the important stuff – like champagne!

10. It holds a charge for ever. Not really, but it seems that way. I can usually make it through a week long vacation without charging it.

And now it’s time to do a little book shopping and get loaded up for a couple weeks on the beach.

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Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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3 Responses to Loading Up My Kindle and Heading For The Beach

  1. RandomizeME says:

    Better buy a waterproof case for the Kindle when you take it to the beach! (Or a ziplock bag will do in a pinch too, I guess)

    And if I can add an addendum to your #7, it’s not just freebies sometimes, there’s a TON of free Kindle books offered almost everyday lately; for one reason or another, more & more publishers are choosing to make their books free (even if only for a short time).

    This is one of my fave links as I get to browse all the Kindle ebook freebies on Amazon itself (http://amzn.to/cmNI6N)

  2. I so wish I had a Kindle. I’m stock piling free English newspapers from the hotel due to my unfortunate lack of reading material. I was jumping for joy when I found an English magazine in the Barcelona train station. But the universe heard all of my complaints and the next stranger I met on the train offered me a book he had just finished reading, City of Thieves. Who knows if I’ll like it, but I certainly appreciated it. A Kindle would have avoided all of this!!! I should’ve known, you’ve been raving about it all year.

    Enjoy your good reads! xoxo

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