Champagne in my hand

A glass of champagne in my hand, the sun on my shoulders and the ocean lapping at my ankles – that’s my life today. And it’s good. That’s exactly what this blog is about – the good life – my good life. I’m not rich by monetary measures, but I have great riches in my life. The people I surround myself with, the work that I do, and the beautiful places I visit. This is about sharing those moments that make me want to  pinch myself. Like this one.

Perhaps the single most important thing in my life is to be surrounded by people who will help me to see the beauty in life and to help me grow. I believe this is a choice that we all have a right to. This is my life and I’m frankly not interested in or willing to let someone with a negative attitude or unsavory thoughts interrupt the flow of positive energy that runs through it. It’s my right and if it offends someone then so be it. It’s ownership, ownership of my life and the circumstances that surround it.

Today I’m writing from the front porch of an 11 bedroom mansion on the shores of Isle of Palms, South Carolina. The sun is shining, the dolphins are playing in the surf, and I have champagne in my hand! (the champagne is a theme for me) You’ll come to see that soon.

I’ve had the great fortune this past week to spend time with some of the brightest minds in business and in the discipline of adult learning. As the Training Manager for Nexstar Network I lead a group of talented business owners as they hone their talents as trainers and strive to create positive change in others. This past week was our annual trainers retreat. This is a time when we get away together and focus on how to be our best at delivering life changing learning events. What I never expected was that this event would change all of ours. With the help of our peers we found within ourselves renewed passion and energy to push beyond where our beliefs had us living.  It happened through support and through honest and direct feedback and a LOT of laughter.

By making ourselves vulnerable and allowing others to see what we couldn’t, we all grew. As a result, we’ll be better equipped to help others.

The next time you’re looking for a team building exercise with employees or just a great time with friends go to Wikipedia and look up Who’s Line Is It Anyway. There are dozens of great improv activities to do with a group. You’ll find the exercises breakdown barriers and help your team to instantly become more open and willing to participate in whatever comes next.

Today I am grateful for opportunity.

About Sheri Bennefeld

Vacation or Workation - it's all the same when you seek the extraordinary in each moment.
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